German Cartographic Glossary

German Cartographic Glossary


abdruck: reproduction-

abstand: distance

acker: field, cognate: acre.

aequidistanz der hohenkurven: contour interval (one of several terms)

allgemeinheit gesperrten: u+sually locked (marked for mountain huts)

almhutte: alpine hut-

aquator: equator-

aufgenommen: surveyed

auflagedruck: impression , imprint, pull

aufnahme: survey

ausgabe: edition

aussichtswarte: vantage point, view point, look-out point.

B. bach: beck, brook, gill, burn,stream. “beck” and “brock” can also be seen, as was “brook” but the latter two could mean bridge and all were seen in Lower Saxony.

Bad: bath, bathing place, bathing pool

Bahnhof: major station, town station, not necessarily a terminus.

Baum: tree, but bildbaum also means tree- perhaps by implication, “notable tree, tree standing out in the landscape from which bearings can be taken”

Bf: perhaps a village or hamlet term derived from Bauernhof: farm

bauernhof: farm

berausgegeben: published

B. Berg: fell or hill or mountain

bergasthauser: mountain guest house

bergwerk: mines, presumably specifically on in the mountains

berichtigt: corrected, amended

berichtigungshinweise werden mit dank entgegengenommen: commonly seen phrase on maps, a publisher’s note saying:“corrections (information or instructions) are received with thanks”

berichtigungsstand: state of revision- “state” of an engraved plate

bezirk: district

bildstock: this is something Catholic, best defined by a French source as: monument religieux de plein air, généralement en pierre, de 1 à 2 mètres de hauteur, composé d’un fût ou tronc (Stock) coiffé d’un édicule cubique comportant 4 niches dans lesquelles sont sculptés le Christ, la vierge ou des saints (Bild), le tout surmonté d’une petite croix

blei-mine: lead mine

brucke: bridge

brunnen: spring, source, well

Busch: bush, but in this context, scrub or “heath”

chaussee: turnpike, from French.

Dampfschiff od. Motorbootstation: steamship or motor boat jetty, quay, embarkation point

deich: sea wall: cognate “dyke”

denkmal: monument, an historic building, a preserved historic building

horst: nest, but more likely thicket, shrubbery: “fliegerhorst” is military airfield

dom: cathedral

dorf: also dorff and torf: Village, cognate: -toft; usually a suffix

Dorff: see Dorf

drehbrucke: swing-bridge

druck: print, impression, pull

einzelne gehofte: single farmsteads

einzelne nachtrage: minor alterations, minor revisions

eisenbahn: railway

elektrizitatswerk: electricity generating station

entworfen von: designed by.. Del, Delin.. on an English map

fähre: ferry

fels, felsen: rock cliff- so perhaps “Fel, fell” is not cognate with English “fell” or Scandinavian “fjeld”

festung: fort, fortress

festungsmauer: battlement

flughafen: airport

flugplatz: airfield

Fl, fluss: river

furt: ford

Furst: Prince and so also: principality: Furstenth

gebirge: mountain range

gedrucht: printed

gehörig: belonging–to,–sense–is–duly undersigned

gestochen: burin-equivalent to “Scult, Sculpsit”. German maps seldom use Pinxit, Sculpsit, Del. Here gestochen means a burin or and engravers chisel- in this context.

gestochen von Carl Jattnig: engraved by Carl Jattnig; or “Carl Jattnig sculpsit.”

gewasserkarte: sea-chart

gezeichnet: drawn

glashutte: glass-works

globus: globe

gondellift: cable car system

gravur: engraving

grenze: border, frontier

Gr. Gross: great, not big, in a cartographic translation

Halbkugel: hemispere

haltestelle: railway halt

heim: home, but in this context, cognate with English “ham” but not -hamm

hohe: high

hohenlinie: contour

hohenpunkt: spot- height

hohenschichten: contour intervals

hohle: cave, cognate: hole

holz: wood or in this context: copse, cognate: holt

holtzhutte, blockhutte: cabin

hugel: knoll, hillock, hill

huttenwerk: iron works, steel works

hydrographische karte: sea chart

insel: holm, eyot, isle, island

J.H.: jagerhaus: hunting lodge, also: jagdhutte

kanal: canal

kapelle: chapel

kaserne: barracks

KSP. kirchspiel: parish

Kl. klein; small; little is the cartographic equivalent

kleine nachtrage: minor additions

kohlemine: coalmine

kompass: compass

kuppe: humb,brow,hill-top

Kurfurst: Prince Elector of the Holy Roman Empire, si in this context the land of such a person.

loch: hole, small pond

lageskizze: index map, cartouche map

landkarte: terrestrial map

leuchtturm: lighthouse

lieferung: run, series, e dition

maasstab: measured lenth- scale-perhaps originally measuring staff

marktplatz: market-place

meer: sea- sometimes mere,water or lake

meile: mile (apparently, a Prussian mile was 5 English statute miles)

moor: bog, marsh , perhaps Low German and local (Lower Saxony)

M. muhle:–mill

nachdruck: reprint

nachgefuht: brought up to date, revised

nachtrage: additions

neu, neue: new

neue ausgabe: new edition

Ob: ober: higher, or upper- or high- as a place name element

obstgarten: orchard

Od., oder: or

orte: places (in the sense of communities or collection of buildings, in this context)

oster: eastern

ozean: ocean

personenseilbahn: ? private railway, perhaps a railway which does not cater for the public?

planzelgner: grid reference square

puhl: lake, meer, pool

quadrat: square on a gridded map (military term)

quelle: keld, well; heiße Quellen, hot springs

rathaus: townhall

romerstrasse: roman road

ruine: ruin

säge: sawmill

schanze: entrenchment, earthwork

schlachtfeld: battlefield

schloss: castle or palace

schutzhutte, schutzhutten: bothy, shelter hut ( with plu.)

selbstandige winterbezeichnung:? a mountain term, winter route marker posts?

sommermarkierung:? mountain term, perhaps summer marker posts

stadtmauer: city wall

steinbruch: quarry, specifically a stone quarry

tal: dale, valley

T. Teisch: pond, pool but often larger

thal: dale, perhaps ‘tal’ mutates

tellweise: partical

torf: see Dorf, cognate -toft

umrechnungstabelle: conversion table, conversion chart

unter dessen leitung gezeichnet: drawn under his authority.

veen, venne: fen, reed marsh, perhaps local (north west region?)

verlassen: abandoned, derelict

vorlautig: provisional

wald: woodland, also forest

waldbahn: no idea, perhaps a railway for logging?

wegkreuz: wayside cross

wegmarkierungen: way marker posts

weg nach: way to…..

wehr: weir

weise: meadow, lawn, field grassland

Westfalen: Westfalia

W.H.: wirtshaus: inn, pub, hostelry

wochenendhäuschen: cottage

zahnradbahn: rack railway- railway using a cogged line for steep gradients.

zeichenerklarung: legend

zweite ausgabe: second edition etc etc.

zum: to the…areas in this context)